A lot has happened to me in the past year and a half. I've seen… I've seen things I never imagined existed and it's changed me. It's made me wanna make changes.
— Prue reflecting on her life.

Prudence "Prue" Halliwell (born: October 28th, 1993) is the oldest Charmed One, and had always been regarded as the bravest and most powerful of the three sisters, to the extent that she was granted the nicknames "Super Witch" and "Wicca Wonder"


Early Life

Prue was the eldest of three children born to the Warren witch Patrica Halliwell and occult detective Victor Bennett. While still a child, Prue learned to levitate and manipulate objects through psionic force. When her grandmother, Penny, judged that Prue had reached a certain level of mastery of her telekinetic power, she recommended to her parents that they enroll her in the newly established Magic School.

Shortly after her youngest sister Phoebe was conceived, Victor began descending into an addiction to dark magic and, using one of Patty's books without her knowledge, experimented in summoning a demon. He succeeded in bringing the powerful demon Thog the Nether-Spawn to Earth from the other-dimensional world of Sominus without realizing Thog would not be under his control. Penny managed to save Prue and Piper's lives, and Thog was forced back to Sominus. As a result of Victor's reckless usage of magic, Patty and Penny kicked him out of the house and he left to cleanse himself of his addiction to magic. In order to protect them and let them lead normal lives, Penny, at Patty's behest, bound her grandchildren's powers soon after Phoebe was born. Penny also erased Prue and Piper's memory of magic and having powers. Prue was also taken out of Magic School and placed in conventional school.

On February 28th, 2002, Patty was killed by a Water Demon after she attempted to vanquish it at Camp Skylark. Prue, who had been a camper there, witnessed her mother's body be taken away and was so traumatized that she couldn't say "I love you" to anyone, as it was the last thing she ever said to her mother. Penny assumed legal guardianship of her grandchildren and did her best raising them, while simultaneously protecting them from the demonic threats that constantly plagued them.

After their mother's death, coupled with their father's abandonment, Prue had to look after her younger sisters, to the extent of sacrificing a majority of her childhood to help raise them. Piper even stated that she and Phoebe were lucky and had an easy life because Prue was so responsible, while Phoebe confessed that Prue took her surrogate-maternal duties so well yet so seriously that she always felt Prue was more of a strict mother to her rather than an older sister.

Despite her serious nature and myriad of responsibilities, during her high school years, Prue was a very popular student. She was the president of the student council and the head cheerleader in her squad. She had an on and off relationship with her and her sisters' childhood friend Andy Trudeau. At the age of seventeen, the boy Prue thought she was in love with attacked her incurring the wrath of an indignant Penny. According to Piper, Penny presumably used witchcraft to deal with him as the boy was never seen again afterwards.

After Prue and her sisters reached young adulthood, Penny tried her best to keep them together so they would be able to fulfill their destiny of being the Charmed Ones. However, because Prue and Phoebe could never get along, she believed that they would never mature enough to handle their powers once they were unbound.

While away at college, Prue met and became engaged to Roger Harrisson. A few weeks before Prue's wedding to Roger, Roger tried to romance Phoebe and she rebuffed him. Prue's coworker walked in on this and told of the event to Prue, who assumed that Phoebe initiated the advances. After Prue and Phoebe got into a physical altercation over the alleged affair, Penny decided to strip them of their powers. After Penny brewed the power stripping potion and retrieved the Prism of Souls, she went into cardiac arrest and died before she could strip her grandchildren of their powers.

Destiny as a Charmed One

Prue: "Piper, Phoebe, get out of here now!"
Jeremy: "Cool parlor trick, bitch. You were always the tough one weren't you, Prue?"
— Prue using her powers on a warlock

Unlike her younger sisters, Prue had relatively mixed emotions to being a witch and a Charmed One. She first learned of their legacy from Phoebe and, despite her initial skepticism, was forced to accept it as truth when she unintentionally used telematerialization to fill her cup of coffee with cream. While Prue was reluctant to the idea of being a witch, and a most powerful one at that, she learned to embrace it, especially after Phoebe forced her to acknowledge her suppressed anger at Roger and their father, which also led the sisters to realize the trigger to her primary power of telekinesis: the emotion of anger.

Despite her attempts to keep a life outside of magic, Prue's witchcraft responsibilities frequently ruin her efforts, especially when it came to her relationship with Andy; her high school flame who works on the supernatural phenomenon cases at the San Francisco Police Department. Although they were genuinely in love with each other, the relationship ended when she realized his true feelings about her being a witch. Andy later also sacrificed himself to ensure that Prue and her sisters could carry on doing the good work that they were destined to do. His death was such a crushing emotional blow to Prue that she had even contemplated giving up her magic to a demon, but Piper and Phoebe managed to help her move on from his death, convincing her that he had died a hero's death and that it was not her fault that he was gone forever.

However, Andy's death still had a considerable impact on Prue for the rest of her life, given that she did not have any serious relationships after him, and she herself had once confessed that she had not felt true love since he died.

Over the next two years, she learns to thoroughly embrace her destiny as a Charmed One, and overall became the strongest, bravest, and most dedicated out of the four sisters.


As the oldest sister, Prue saw herself as the maternal figure of the household, especially after her mother died and her father left. In fact, Piper and Phoebe once agreed that Prue had actually sacrificed her own childhood to help raise them, which made her become responsible and determined, but also caused her to develop a sense of caution as well as a dislike of surprises that made her slow to trust people. Hence, though she admired Phoebe's confidence and courage, their relationship was often a tumultuous one. In fact, it was always up to Piper to mediate between Prue and Phoebe, and it took their Charmed destiny for the oldest and younger Halliwell sisters to heal their rift.

Prue was also the type of person who held onto grudges for a long time: for many years, she refused to forgive her father for abandoning her and her sisters when they were young, and she never trusted Cole fully even after he saved their lives on more than one occasion. However, when Prue came to understand the difficulties Victor encountered due to his being the only mortal in a family of magical witches, their relationship became more amiable, and despite her lack of trust in Cole, she was able to effectively put aside her personal feelings to work together with him in times of utter crisis. Such instances testify that, though she might come across as unfair and harsh towards those she deemed untrustworthy, Prue was still ultimately a reasonable and flexible person.

At first, Prue's duty as a Charmed One was a burden for her professional life, but she eventually started taking the initiative in hunting evil. At one point, this determination of hers even progressed into an obsession - she believed that a break-in was the work of demons, and disregarded the idea of a human culprit. According to Piper, Prue was known for saying "The Charmed Ones come first" when she was alive, and was always risking her life in the fight against evil.

Physical Appearance

The only major changes in Prue's appearance involved her hair. Although after becoming a Charmed One her fashion sense became more risque and revealing.

  • Hair: For most of her life it was a very dark brown, almost black. In her mid-twenties, she has a blonde pixie cut.
  • Wardrobe: Her clothing style changes from classy professional clothing to more casual clothing after becoming a witch. From her awakening as a Charmed One onward, Prue showed a decided preference for more revealing clothes, often wearing crop tops, tube tops and low cut blouses.

Powers and Abilities


  • Witchcraft: Prue is an immortal witch, who has a natural affinity for the mystic arts. She is one of Earth's dozen or so most powerful witches, and has been described as "one of the three most powerful witches in the land" by an enchanted looking-glass. Her most potent spells are strong enough to affect the King of Hell, Reapers, and even an archangel; even angels are unable to heal her curses. Prue's spells frequently require a variety of mystical components, including but not limited to charmed circles, Latin-based chants, and the use of enchanted items (e.g. hex bags, spirit boards, crystal balls). According to Death, as a descendant of a particularly magical line, Prue and her sisters will inherit great power. The archangel Michael also mentioned that she was "incredibly naturally magical" and practically "reeking of elegant energies" whereas the Oracle described Prue as being "strong in wild magic".
  • Telekinesis: Prue possesses telekinetic abilities, enabling her to levitate and manipulate matter at will. She can use her telekinesis to various effects, and has been able to deviate certain magical energies and objects, stop/restart a person's heart, and telekinetically strangle someone. She was even able to telekinetically hold Leo in place and the latter admitted that he couldn't orb out of this. She primarily uses hand gestures in conjunction with telekinetic feats, but has on occasion channeled her powers through concentration alone. The current extent of her powers is not yet known, but she appears to be able to move up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg) with her mind, sufficient to lift and throw two normal-sized adults with her powers.
    • Molecular Acceleration: Prue can stimulate molecules to increase friction.
    • Psionic Energy Projection: In some unknown manner, Prue's brain generates psionic energy which she is able to project as concussive force. Prue can project "telekinetic forcebolts" powerful enough to knock down seven 250-pound men standing ten feet from her a distance of five feet. Prue can also create protective force fields out of telekinetic energy.
    • Flight: Prue can telekinetically levitate herself and others to simulate a limited approximation of flight.
  • Astral Projection: Prue has the power of astral projection, the mental ability to separate her astral self - the sheath of the soul, or life essence - from her physical self and travel through space unbounded by physical laws while retaining human consciousness. When this ability first manifested, Prue would have to consciously utilize her telekinetic abilities to move her astral self from her body and was unable to access her power of telekinesis while she was astrally projecting as a result. Prue's astral projection power later evolved, and now she goes into some kind of altered state of consciousness or somehow otherwise nullifies her body in order to release her astral self; this new method grants Prue total access to her telekinetic powers. Unlike traditional astral projection, in which the astral form is invisible, intangible, and incapable of being harmed except by the most rigorous mystical means, "Astral Prue" initially manifested as corporeal and able to interact with the physical world. With practice, Prue learned to shift between her corporeal and invisible wraith-like astral forms at will. In the early stages of her astrally projecting, Prue's physical self fell unconscious and she could only remain in her astral form for up to 6 minutes before there was any corporeal deterioration of her physical form. After intensive practice, Prue's physical body no longer falls unconscious, she is now capable of operating in tandem in both her physical form and astral form, and she can remain in her astral form for up to 24 hours. The physical form is quite vulnerable to attack while the astral form is absent. If harm were to befall the physical body while she was in her astral form, she would be stranded in her wraith-like state.
    • Astral Suggestion: While in her wraith-like astral form, Prue can transport herself psychically and implant a subliminal thought into the unsuspecting minds of others. This is done with a whisper into the vicitm's ear, and, while the victim does not physically hear anything, the command will be implanted in their mind. This mental domination is only possible over those minds less trained than hers. Her mental control over a person persists until such time when the subject completes the finite task he or she was given, or Prue willfully releases him or her from control, or the effect is broken by an act of sheer will.
  • Teleportation: Prue can generate a teleportation field about herself with which she can teleport herself, her clothing, and, within limits, a certain amount of additional mass which is in contact with her (e.g. objects and a number of people near her) across citywide distances. The longer the distance over which Prue teleports herself, the harder and more exhausting it is for her to make the teleportational "jump." Under optimal conditions, teleporting only herself and her clothing, Prue can displace herself a distance of about 20 miles per second. Making a vertical teleportation upwards is difficult and dangerous. Prue has made a vertical teleportational "jump" of 5 miles by pushing herself to her physical limits. Prue has an extrasensory instinct that prevents her from materializing within a solid object when she arrives at her destination, allowing her to teleport to locations she has never seen or visited.
  • Bio-Molecular Spatial Displacement: Prue is able to create teleportation warps, appearing as blinking holes, outlined with neon red light. She can use these warps on people or objects and has transported continental distances with great difficulty. She can also open teleportals, passing only her hand through them to grab objects nearby.
    • Displacement Field Gars: Prue is capable of manifesting the energy for her portals in the form of short energy-matter javelins, which she can throw at her targets, either partially or fully teleporting then away. Prue can use this ability both offensively and defensively, opening blink holes to divert attacks or as makeshift way point markers for matter substitution and teleport beacons. She can send multiple targets to multiple locations at once using her javelins.


  • High Intellect: Prue was a child prodigy growing up, and has a naturally high IQ. She also displays an expertise on various artifacts from a number of art forms and cultures throughout history.
  • Multilingualism: Prue can speak both English and French and some high school Latin.
  • Adept Combatant: Prue began taking classes in self-defense with her sisters shortly after her powers were unsealed. She gradually became an effective hand-to-hand fighter, and her skills in hand-to-hand combat have advanced to the point where Prue is capable of besting multiple adversaries, most notably demonic wrestlers, the demon Vinceres, vampire-like demons known as Seekers, and two S.W.A.T. team members.
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