Darklighters are a breed of magical beings that can be considered the evil counterparts to Whitelighters. The primary goal of all Darklighters is to kill Whitelighters in order to make the world more vulnerable to the attack of evil, as well as to kill mortals destined to become Whitelighters before they can "earn their wings". In addition, Darklighters often work as hired guns or mercenaries to upper-level demons and the leaders of the Underworld.


Psychological CharacteristicsEdit


A Daeklighter's body is a replica of their former human body, but is composed of "black orbs": purple and black globules of "energy-plasmoids" that have a necrotic sense to them. Thus even in its solid state when it appears to be made of flesh, tissue, and bone, a Darklighter's body is no longer truly organic. Due to no longer being organic, Darklighters do not need to eat, sleep, or eliminate waste products anymore.

Darklighters lack DNA, but they do have something analogous to genetic material.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality: Darklighters are unaging and have a potentially limitless lifespan.
  • Black Orbing:
  • Limited Darkforce Manipulation:
  • Touch of Death: Darklighters generate highly-destructive energy from their hands that, through molecular transformation, which can disintegrate inorganic matter or cause living things to disperse their life-energies, either causing temporary bouts of pain and weakness or instant death.


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